DIY - Ultra-Cheap 60W Audio Power Amplifier

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Input impedance: >30 kohm
Frequency range (-1,5dB): 10Hz ... 30kHz
Signal to noise: > 93dB
Gain: 34dB
Damping factor: >50

DISTORTION @ 1kHz into 6 ohm
resistive load
0,1W: 0,09%
1,0W: 0,08%
10W: 0,06%
40W: 0,07%
60W: 0,12%


The amplifier is built with least amount of parts making it really simple and cheap to build. However, no compromizes are made and the final performance is surprisinly good. The 4-channel prototype shown below was in heavy use for more than 20 years as a monitor amplifier. Most of the components can be found from a multitude of manufaturers. That makes availability very good. The cost for one channel is less than 10€.


The amplifier is intended for 8 ohm speakers that it can drive with 60W of continuous power with less than 0,12% distortion. Other distortion values above. Diriving loads with a higher resistance is no problen, but when driving 4 ohm speakers must the voltage rails maximum voltage be reduced.

More coming soon...

4-channel amplifier prototype

4-channel power amplifier inner side.

Stereo version innards

Power supply Schematics



Parts list

PCB-layout. View is from copper (solder) side.

Component placement.